Thank you so much for coming to speak with our group (at the University of Brighton). It was just perfect and I’ve already had several emails from people who thoroughly enjoyed the talk. I like these ones in particular:


What a FABULOUS evening. I was going to say last night but didn’t feel it was appropriate in front of everyone , that last night was the first work thing I have done since being on maternity leave and it was brilliant to be in a professional environment again and get my brain all fired up for learning. Kathryn was fabulous and gave me and my colleague so much to think about … it’s really helped me with the prospect of returning to work too as I’m all excited about I can take back to work and be a activist for children’s free play space and love of learning!!!

Thanks so much for tonight Erica, Inspirational!


Hi Erica,  Thank you so much for organising the Kathryn Solly lecture, it was really inspiring. I have to confess that I have been at the point of wanting to give up, just feeling that everything is pointless and feeling SO tired of fighting. She made me re-affirm what I have been fighting for. Thank you.


November 2018

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