Examples of recent assignments:

Analytical and business development
Comprehensive and detailed review and analysis of balance sheet which expedited the streamlining of income and expenditure leading to a 48% saving directly onto the bottom line refocusing on profitability of fundraising income streams.

Developed an innovative will–making scheme to motivate individuals in this crucial area. Through networking, the scheme interested the relevant professionals to connect and embrace the whole process resulting in increased awareness and participation, building to additional income generation increasing year-on-year.

Harnessed the potential of an extensive press contacts to bring a regional TV station and local papers and radio together creating massive exposure for the charity and its emotionally committed supporters and donors.

Established excellent relationships and new partnerships with staff & supporters, managing a team of 30 fundraising volunteers and 7 office employees / volunteers, successfully providing an interface between the charity, trustees, supporters, associated charities, civic leaders, the NHS and other stakeholders.
Developed new partnerships with Sainsbury’s, CISCO, Timberland, Beaverbrooks, Trader Media Group, Lakeland, Big Yellow etc. to facilitate employee involvement tailored to each company’s CSR policy.

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Instigated new media links in all collateral and the charity’s two websites including Face Book, Twitter and QR codes. Set up a new hospice lottery as an alternative sustainable income stream.

Financial Acumen
Responsible all statuary financial reporting to trustees and stakeholders and managed the investment portfolio of £1m.